Terms of purchase

General Terms of Purchase


1. Application of GTC

1.1 Balázs Nagy Great EV. deliveries and services - if the Great Balázs EV. (hereinafter Supplier) and the Contractor (hereinafter the Buyer) shall not mutually agree otherwise in writing - only in accordance with the provisions of this GTC.

The contract based on the GTC may be amended only in writing, by mutual agreement between the Buyer and the Supplier.

If the Supplier and the Buyer do not agree otherwise in writing, this GTC shall be applied by Balázs Nagy. even if the Buyer has its own standard terms and conditions.

Name of the service provider: Balázs Nagy Nagy EV.
The headquarters of the service provider: 2039 Pusztazámor, Erkel Ferenc utca 27.
Contact details of the service provider, regularly used e-mail address for contacting users: info@hun-grooming.com
Service Provider Number: 52469208
Provider's tax number: 68941464-1-33
Name of authority registering in the register: Ministry of the Interior
Telephone number of the service provider: 06 30 2728252
Privacy Registration Number: in progress
Language of the contract: Hungarian
Name of hosting provider: UNAS Online Kft.
Address of the hosting provider: H-9400 Sopron, Kőszegi út 14.
The hosting provider's email address is unas@unas.hu
Website of the hosting provider: https://unas.hu

2. Creation of the transport contract

2.1 The Customer may order the product to be purchased in writing, by letter, electronically via the Internet or by e-mail, or by word or telephone.

In the case of orders submitted through the webshop, by sending the order and confirming it by the Supplier, a contract between the absent persons is created,

Balázs Nagy EV. as Supplier, Headquarters: Balázs Nagy Nagy EV. 2039 Pusztazámor, Erkel Ferenc utca 27 and Customer as Buyer in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

2.2 Contract with Balázs Nagy EV. and the Buyer confirms the order made by the Buyer in writing or by e-mail with the content indicated in the confirmation.

If Balázs Nagy is EV. asks for written confirmation of the verbal order, so this contract statement of this customer Balázs Nagy. the date of its receipt by the Commission, with the content corresponding to the written communication.

2.3 Balázs Nagy Great EV. is not bound by the product brochures, brochures, web site bids, their terms and conditions Nagy Balázs EV. changes in the delivery terms of your suppliers.

2.4 Balázs Nagy Great EV. is entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract if the Customer refuses to disclose the creditworthiness of the Buyer, especially in the case of resale partners, if the resale partner has initiated bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings.

3. Deadline for completion

3.1 Balázs Nagy is the deadline for the completion of orders. notify the customer.

Balázs Nagy EV. The delivery dates communicated by the Service Provider are indicative, which may change due to the Supplier's subcontractor's performances and other unforeseen circumstances, primarily in case of non-warehouse service.

Balázs Nagy is the owner of the Delayed Deliveries for Delayed Delivery and Delayed Damage. does not take responsibility.

If Balázs Nagy is EV. it delays more than 3 days from the delivery date confirmed by it in writing, so the Buyer can unilaterally withdraw from the contract without any consequences.

4. Transfer-acceptance, quality, quantitative objections

4.1. Balázs Nagy EV. the Product informs the Buyer orally or in writing of the availability of the product after the order.

The Buyer shall be entitled to cancel the purchase after the Order but before the delivery. You must indicate this in writing (via email).

In this case, the Buyer shall not be charged any costs.

4.2. The Buyer is obliged to take over the available product within 5 working days of receiving the notification.

4.3. At the Buyer's choice, the Balázs EV. or at the delivery address indicated by the Buyer.

If the Buyer is a company and not a private individual, Balázs Nagy is an EV. the person responsible for the receipt of the product shall be deemed to be a representative of the Customer assigned to this task who, in addition to receiving the product, shall also be entitled to make statements of transfer.

4.4. At the time of delivery and receipt, the Buyer is obliged to make any qualitative or quantitative objections to the received product at the time of receipt, and to compare the received product with the items on the invoice and any discrepancies by Balázs Nagy. with.

The Buyer is obliged to record a record of the injuries occurring during the delivery and any defective performance. The minutes are made in duplicate and are valid only with the signature of the courier carrying out the delivery.

If the Buyer fails to check the contents of the received package or checks it, but fails to record the erroneous performance, the Supplier shall not be liable for any damage. Subsequently - if the Buyer chooses the cash payment at the time of the Order and the payment has not been made until then, he shall pay the purchase price indicated on the invoice sent by the Supplier.

After the transfer, the parties, if the Buyer has not made any objection, shall consider the items on the invoice as fully delivered.

4.5. Buyer may, after the delivery and receipt, only be able to claim quality defects within the mandatory warranty or warranty period for the product due to visual defects (hidden defects). In the event of a hidden fault, Farkaskonyha Kft., Depending on the product, is tested by the NFC for compliance with the quality requirements of the manufacturer.

4.6. With the receipt of the product, the danger of the product is Balázs Nagy Nagy EV. after the Buyer is not entitled to make any qualitative or visual quality objections.

5. Prices and terms of payment

5.1 Orders placed through the webshop are provided by Balázs Nagy. will be billed by e-mail at confirmed prices.

5.2 The consideration for the product or service provided shall be due at the time indicated in the invoice. The invoice will be settled by the payment method indicated on the invoice. An objection to a part of the invoice shall not entitle the Buyer to refuse to pay the unclaimed parts of the invoice. The Great Balázs EV. is entitled to issue an invoice, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, at the time of delivery or delivery of the product. If the Buyer pays the consideration by remittance, the parties will pay the fee to Balázs Nagy. credited to your bank account.

5.4 In the case of late payment, Balázs Nagy is the time of the delay. is entitled to charge default interest corresponding to twice the central bank base rate.

5.5 Balázs Nagy in case of violation of payment terms EV. shall be entitled to unilaterally withdraw any payment benefits provided by the Buyer and make any claims against the Customer due. He is also entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract and claim damages against the Buyer arising from the breach of contract.

6. Maintaining ownership

6.1 The product subject to the contract is Balázs Nagy, EV. owns the full value of the product.

6.2 If the Customer's payment delay exceeds 60 days, then Balázs Nagy is the EV. the product which it owns - if it is possible due to the nature of the product - can be taken without separate enforcement documents - in which case neither the Buyer nor the third party who owns the product is protected by the product (s). The Great Balázs EV. keeps the product (s) for a further 30 days and then - if the Buyer fails - sells it commercially and satisfies his claim from the amount received. Balance after the claim is settled by Balázs Nagy EV. to pay to the Buyer.

6.3 The Great Balázs EV. see section 6.2. In the case of the procedure set out in Clause 3.1, the contract concluded with the Buyer shall terminate without further notice.

7. Right of withdrawal

7.1 The Buyer may withdraw from the purchase within 14 working days after receipt of the goods without justification. In this case, the Buyer shall, at his own expense, within 14 working days - at the time agreed with the Supplier - deliver the non-injured products together with the original invoice at the Supplier's premises.

If no problem arises, the Supplier shall return the value of the returned goods immediately after returning it to the Customer in cash, but no later than 14 working days after the date of withdrawal.

7.2 The Right of Withdrawal shall NOT be exercised in respect of products whose opening or damage to the packaging makes it impossible to resell the product. This includes shampoos, conditioners, dog cosmetic supplements, feeds, canned food, complementary foods, certain training tools, other perishable products, vacuum-packed products, and any product subject to the same treatment as the products in this list.

In addition, a product manufactured by the Supplier with the technical content confirmed by the Supplier shall be exempt from the LEGAL RIGHT. In the case of a product manufactured at the Customer's request, the Buyer shall in all cases pay 100% of the total purchase price confirmed by the Supplier.

7.3 In case of exercising the Right of Withdrawal, the Buyer shall bear all the costs of returning the goods.

7.4 If the Buyer does not personally hand over the Product at the Supplier's premises to which he exercises his Right of Withdrawal and uses the Supplier's delivery service to return, the Supplier may then deduct the shipping costs incurred in returning from the refund.

7.5 If the Buyer does not properly pack the goods to be returned and it is permanently damaged in the way of the return, in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7.2 of this Agreement, the Supplier shall not be obliged to refund.

7.6. The Supplier may decide to refuse the take-back of the products in cases where the products intended to be returned by the Buyer can be classified as damaged or damaged in accordance with Clause 7.2, or damage caused by improper use, or if the product has been manufactured by the Buyer's express written order.

7.7 If Supplier is in accordance with Section 7.2. However, in spite of the fulfillment of the provisions of point 3.1. above, you decide to take back the products, you may deduct the cost of the Products from the deterioration of the products and the damaged packaging. In this case, the Supplier may also sum up the damage resulting from the improper use of the returned products and deduct it from the amount of the refund.

8. Consumer Complaint, Reconciliation Bodies

Please be advised that you may have a consumer complaint against us.

If your consumer complaint is rejected, you may also apply to the Conciliation Body competent for your domicile or place of residence: the initiation of the conciliation body's proceedings requires the consumer to attempt directly with the undertaking concerned to settle the dispute. The procedure shall be conducted by the conciliation body indicated in the consumer's application instead of the competent body, at the request of the consumer.

The jurisdiction of the conciliation body is to settle the consumer dispute out of court. It is the task of the conciliation body to try to establish a settlement between the parties for the settlement of the consumer dispute, in case of ineffectiveness, to make a simple, quick, effective and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights. The conciliation body shall, at the request of the consumer or the undertaking, advise on the rights and obligations of the consumer.

The proceedings of the conciliation body shall commence at the request of the consumer. The request must be made in writing to the chair of the conciliation body: the written requirement may be met by letter, telegram, telecopier or telefax, and by any other means which enables the recipient to store the data addressed to him for a reasonable period of time in accordance with the purpose of the data. and displaying stored data in unchanged form and content.

The request must include:

the consumer's name, place of residence or place of residence
the name, registered office or place of business of the undertaking concerned by the consumer dispute, \ t
where the consumer has requested the designation of a body to replace the competent conciliation body, \ t
a brief description of the consumer's position, the facts supporting it and their evidence
a statement by the consumer that the consumer has attempted directly with the undertaking concerned to settle the dispute
statement by the consumer that no other conciliation body had initiated the proceedings in the case, no mediation procedure was initiated, no application was made or no application for payment was made
a motion for a panel decision
the consumer's signature
The application shall be accompanied by the document or a copy (extract) of which the consumer refers as evidence, in particular a written declaration by the undertaking rejecting the complaint, or, failing that, any other written evidence available to the consumer regarding the attempted conciliation.

If the consumer acts by proxy, the application must be accompanied by a proxy.

Further information on the Conciliatory Bodies is available at http: //www.bekeltetes.hu

For more information on Territorial Bodies, please contact:


8. Responsibility

8.1 Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, Balázs Nagy is a member of EV. is not liable for damages that do not result directly from its performance, and in particular is not liable for any loss of profit or for any non-pecuniary damage to the Customer.

8.2 Balázs Nagy Great EV. The information contained in your brochures, catalogs and other written material is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a written invitation to tender for its contents.

8.3 The Great Balázs EV. draws the Customer's attention, in particular, to the need to consult a specialist on the usability and suitability of the products, as Balázs Nagy is an EV. The recommendations contained in your brochures, catalogs and other written materials are for information only, neither by the manufacturer nor by Balázs Nagy. does not take responsibility.


9. Final provisions

9.1 Balázs Nagy The EV. publishes the GTC in the following places for Customers: · Balázs Nagy on the Internet at EV. official website (hun-grooming.com), at its current headquarters, currently:

2039 Pusztazámor, Erkel Ferenc utca 27

9.2. Balázs Nagy EV. any amendments to the GTC in accordance with Section 8.1. shall also be published at the locations indicated in point. The amended provisions are made by Balázs Nagy, EV. apply for orders and contracts created after the date of publication on its official website.

9.3. By ordering any product, Buyer acknowledges that he / she is aware of the provisions of the GTC, acknowledges them and observes them. Warning on the application of GTC Balázs Nagy EV. It can also be found on all your invoices and confirmation of your order in writing or electronically.

9.4. The Buyer's rights arising from the contract are exclusively from Balázs Nagy. with their consent.

9.4. If Balázs Nagy is EV. and the Buyer would have a dispute arising from performance under the GTC, so the Parties will, subject to their jurisdiction, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Pest County Court.

9.5. In the case of provisions not regulated in this GTC, the effective laws of the Republic of Hungary shall apply.

9.6. The invalidity of certain points or provisions of the GTC does not affect the validity of the entire GTC.

9.7. The present GTC shall enter into force on 1 July 2018 and shall apply to orders and contracts subsequently concluded.

Balázs Nagy EV.

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