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To regenerate skin and to prevent the forming of knots and tangles.
  • Features: provides shine; prevention of knots, tangles and matted coat. Multipurpose conditioner, strengthening and hydrating. It quickly restructures the coats of all pet breeds and guarantees a positive result for most types of fragile, weakened, and neglected hair. It is an instant conditioner, and provides a natural shine for coats of all colours and lends vitality to the hair. It is an ideal formula to counteract knots and tangles, and gives sustenance to most coats with long hair and a woolly texture. It restores damage caused by chemical and environmental agents. After use, the hair will be soft, shiny and easy to comb through. It is powered with the precious ReComplex formula, to restore health to badly damaged coats and to integrate into them all the necessary ingredients for a vital equilibrium. It is enriched with Ceramides to improve the solidity and resistance of the hair. It contains Chlorophyll, Cocoa butter, and extract of Blackberry to restructure the coat and to detoxify the skin.
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